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Philadelphia Automobile InsuranceUse The Following Tips to Keep Your Car Insurance Rates Low!

Combine Your Home and Car Insurance with the Same Company.

It seems like such a simple step yet a number of insurance buyers have not taken this basic step and are paying anywhere from 20 to 30% or more!

A number of companies offering auto insurance in Philadelphia do not provide homeowners, renters, or condominium insurance policies through the same company they sell car insurance through.

This guarantees you will pay more on home, condo, and renters insurance policies!

Why is it not such a good idea to buy insurance from a company that only sells automobile insurance?

The main reason is that you are losing what is known as a multi-policy discount on your property insurance. This guarantees that you will pay more money when taking into consideration both the car and home insurance as a combined package.

Some Companies  Make You Believe You’re Getting a Package Discount.

Some companies advertising on TV claim to offer package discounts on car insurance and while they may give you a home insurance discount on your car insurance policy you just bought from them…they can’t give you a discount on your home insurance because they don’t underwrite your home insurance! (even if you bought from them)

In most cases it’s far better for you to buy your auto insurance in Philadelphia when the company also underwrites home insurance in their name as well.

What if you don’t own your home? Purchasing a renters insurance policy with most companies is the same as purchasing a homeowner’s insurance policy. The multi policy discount is huge when you buy both from the same company.

Don’t Buy a Sports Car When You Have Youthful Drivers in Your Household!

Were you aware that some companies will try to charge you more money when drivers under the age of 21 live in your residence and you purchase a high performance car or other high-value vehicle?

Why do companies charge more in this case?

Companies know despite any assurances you give your agent you will allow your son or daughter drive that sports car or high-value vehicle!

They know it, so they will charge you for it.  A high performance car with 400 horsepower in the hands of a young driver is a recipe for disaster in the eyes of many insurance companies is a claim waiting to happen so you will be charged more money!

What is the most important way to save money on auto insurance in Philadelphia?

Allow us to Shop the Market for Better Rates on Philadelphia Auto Insurance.

Did you know that only an independent insurance agency can shop the market to help their policyholders find deals on auto insurance in Philadelphia?

Humphries Insurance is such an agency and you should call us today at 215-646-5633 to learn how we can help you find better deals on Philadelphia automobile insurance.

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